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Excerpt from Buckskin Bessie - Her Lost Letters:
First few pages from Chapter 5 - On the Road

Chapter 5
On the Road

Buckskin Bessie and Edith and Vernon Tantlinger
Bessie and Edith and Vernon Tantlinger
Stevens Collection

The following newspaper clipping surfaced while doing research and since this chapter picture is of Bessie with the Tantlinger's it was irresistible to not include it.
Sheboygan Press
Sheboygan Wisconsin
April 13, 1912
Venice, Ca.

Vernon Tantlinger, a boomerang thrower attached to one of the shows wintering here, is bagging ducks without violating the ordinance.

His skill with the boomerangs enables him to take ducks without "exploding firearms within the limits of the city." This morning on the ocean front he got twelve nice plump ducks. His mode is to send one of the boomerangs into a flock of swimming ducks and when they rise he is prepared to scale another while they are bunched on the wing. The incoming tide floats both the ducks and the boomerang back to him.

May 8, 1911

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Dear Sister,
I re'c your letter yesterday so you've not told. I am glad of it, not that it is anything to be ashamed of, just the opposite but Ma would worry and you cannot convince them it is alright. Who do you suppose I saw? You remember the New York boys, Billy and Freddie? Well the day we rode into the show grounds there stood Billy. He said he was not so very surprised, he brought his Mother to the show and I had dinner at their home. Gee but they have a swell place, she served a course dinner. She is certainly a dandy woman. Just as jolly as a girl, was crazy about the show and 1 day we are going out in automobile to see Prospect Park. Then this afternoon Freddie wants me to take dinner with him but am afraid I can't as we are leaving. Billy is starting for R. Lodge Tues. he won't tell Daddy that he saw me as I think it would worry him not that he'd be surprised, because Billy told me, that Daddy told him to look for me in Buffalo Bills show. I don't know why, because I have never even thought of such a thing. Say, that's just the correct thing to tell the folks because they employ stenographers and you can put my letters % The Miller Bros. Don't need to put "Wild West" on it at all but put my full name because I may not get it otherwise. I do not intend to stay with this so very long. We will hit Billings about August I think. I will get a route card so you can write whenever you want to. I'll bet Ma's davenport is nice at that price. Say, I saw a dining room papered in tan plain with a wide grape border. Well, I guess it's time for me to close. I wish I had my good saddle here but of course I cannot send for it as Daddy would know. Write me at Meriden, Conn. That is the next Saturday town so your letter will have plenty of time to reach me. Then you can see the Route card for the next week in Mass.

Extra, Extra: Prospect Park is a 526 acre park located in Brooklyn and still enjoyed today hosting free outdoor concerts in the summertime and various sports and fitness activities.

Buckskin Bessie with horse
Allen Collection

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