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Bits & Pieces:

Information submitted by our readers

If you have a picture or information about Buckskin Bessie, or a comment that you would like to share, you can either send us an e-mail through our Contact Page, or submit pictures or information through our Bits & Pieces Submission Form.

July 2006 • Submitted by Brenda Baker about the Jefferson Hotel found on page 64:

I have in my possession a small paperback book written by the late Polly Glover about Obion, TN called "Marks on the Land" published in 1975. The history of Obion, on page 106 it describes the hotels that this railroad town boasted in 1919. They were the Wilson Hotel, the Maloney Hotel and the Jefferson Hotel. Quoted from the book "Down the street west of the railroad stood the Hotel Jefferson, famous for it 26 large, elegant rooms with hair mattresses and brass bedsteads, in a time when ordinary folks slept in small, simple rooms with straw mattresses and iron bedsteads. Its Lobby was furnished with writing tables and individual desks. There were sample rooms for salesmen. In the dining room the silver and cut glass glistened. T.C,. Wilson ran the hotel".

April 2006 • Monica James • Glendale, Arizona
The following is a picture of a painting. The name of the artist is not known but the advertisement states that the paining is 30x40.

Painting that includes Buckskin Bessie

This appears to be inspired by the following photo...

Painting that includes Buckskin Bessie
(l-r) Parry Sisters, Martha Allen Shultz and Bessie Blackwell

April 2006 • Monica James • Glendale, Arizona
  • Brace Books & More located in Ponca City, Oklahoma awarded a free book to the first person who could identify the exact location of the picture of Bessie on page 157 that was taken in Ponca City. The winner was Ervin Lebeda.

Ponca City Store
117 E. Grand Avenue as it appears today

  • Corrections:
    Page 168 says "Front Funeral Home". It should read "Trout Funeral Home"
    Page149 says that Molly was buried with her husband in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery. George Miller was buried in Kentucky and not the I.O.O.F. Cemetery.

Jan. 2006 • Monica James • Glendale, Arizona
I surely did not think that I, the author, would be the first one to add to the Bits & Pieces page, but I just had to add this tidbit I ran across.

On page 91 in the book I mentioned that Bessie wrote across the top of the page: Seth's Linsay girl is not here……

It was hard to read the name, and was an odd name, but most likely it was "Leasey" as noted in the information below:

Jackie McFarlin Laird

Jackie McFarlin Laird

Jackie was her stage name.
She was born Mary Ellen Laird,
and close friends called her "Leasey".

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